When I was 5, I was convinced I could fly.  I used to jump off the roof of the car, madly flapping my arms, and inevitably land on the grass with a thud.  This was a source of great puzzlement to me.  I mean, birds flapped their arms and flew so why couldn’t I?

One day I expressed my concern to my father and asked for his help.  He listened attentively to my concerns and led me to our set of encyclopedias.  We found a picture of a bird’s wing.  Then he sketched a side view of an airplane wing and asked me if I could see anything similar between the two.  “Well, yeah”, I replied.  “Except the bird wing has feathers.”   “Correct”, he said.  “Now look at your arms.  Do they look like either the bird or the airplane wing?” “No”, I admitted.  He explained to me that no matter how much I wanted to fly, or how much practice I put into it, I was unlikely to ever get off the ground on my own.  “If you want to fly, you will need a machine that flies – like an airplane.”

The life lesson I learned was that 1) sometimes we need help to achieve our goal and 2) this often involves getting the right tool for the job.  Lacamas Legal is your airplane for when legal problems crop up.  All you have to do is buckle up, relax, and let us fly you to the solution.


  • Practicing attorney in Washington since 2000.  
  • Written over 70 appeals; including, as a first year law clerk, all research and prevailing briefs for State v. Morris, 77 Wash.App. 948, 896 P.2d 81 (1995). 
  • Taught Legal Research and Writing to future lawyers and paralegals for 5 years.   
  • Certified mediator and Washington state licensed counselor.  
  • Serving clients in Clark and Skamania County.